Blended Learning

Our single purpose is to make sure that skills, attitudes and mindsets taught in MDS programmes are transferred to the workplace. To achieve this, how you follow up learning after a workshop is at least as important as the workshop itself.


Therefore blended learning focuses on pre-course preparations, the workshop itself, and the follow up afterwards.


Learning circles are the most useful and cost effective way of following up. 

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Blended Learning means:

  • A table team (4-5 people) in the workshop form into a post course learning circle
  • Everyone completes workplace assignments after the programme
  • After 3-4 weeks the trainer returns to the client for a learning circle day
  • Each learning circle meets with the trainer for a 1.5 hour review session
  • The trainer reviews target workplace assignments and MDS 360® reports (when used)

Alternatively clients arrange one-to-one coaching follow up for each participant, or expand the learning circle idea into either group coaching or action learning.

The pre-course preparations are also an important part of blended learning. So completing any of our recommended assessment instruments is valuable, and also MDS will write scenarios or role plays to exactly suit the learning for your industry.

Also all participants complete a pre-course questionnaire (PCQ) which collects opinions, observations and expectations which are valuable to trainers as they prepare for programmes. The PCQ is on an online service provided free by MDS.